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Count Dr. Thomas Andre Louis maes (1983) –BELGIUM 

Count - Graaf of Brasschaat


Fair director, gallerist, art critic & curator, art dealer, art consultant. Born in Brasschaat Belgium April 1983. Working inthe art world and organization of fairs for the past 18 years. Such as atMonaco, Belgium, Cannes, Greece, USA, Italy, etc. In his early year as anartist himself his work has been published in many art magazines, art books andhis works has been seen in many art fairs, galleries and art auctions. 

Honorary Doctorate in  Modern &Contemporary Art, by the Orthodox University of Italy, Facoltà UniversitariaOrtodossa San Gregorio Magno. Diplomat Consul at the Consulate for Humanitarian& Culture NGO Crete. (Promoting art & culture internationally.) CEOand founder of World Of Crete, Director Of Select Art Fair Art & Antique,Night Of Contemporary. Founder and director of Posterus360 and VIFAF art fair,the first international Virtual trade fair platform (since 2017)

Some of the past Events, Fairs, Galleries, Publications and projects where Maes was involved.

2008 August Expo the Greek islands landscapes, solo exhibition (Greece)

2008 Drawings and photography works for archaeology (Greece)

2009 February Private, solo exhibition Antverpia Brasschaat (Belgium)

2009-2010 Gallery Show Chania Crete (Greece)

2011 July-August Solo exhibitions sculptures-paintings-design-photography Rethymno-Chania

2011 Rome/Italy Under the patronage of the embassy of Belgium and Councillor Permanent Representation of Belgium to the Organizations of the United Nations at Gallery Tondinelli in Rome, Italy

2012 June Thomas Maes published in the book Contemporary sculptors, with 7 of his Design sculptures

(Schiffer books USA)

2012 May Exhibition of Contemporary Art (International Exhibition) From figuration to the transfiguration - GALLERY FIDIM MILAN/ITALY HISTORY OF 'ART and ART CRITIC - PROF. D.O DELNEGRO

2012 Maes published in Museum and Gallery Magazine ExpoArt with Written art review By art Critic and art historian Prof. Domenico Delnegro Italy

2012 July International Art Exhibition Rome at Gallery Vista

2012 August Exhibition NEW YORK AGORA GALLERY Interpretive Realms

2012 August ART NOCTURNE KNOCKE Fine Art and Antique Fair Knokke/Belgium  Maes & Gabriel Meiring.

2012 December International Art Exhibition in Rome at Domus Gallery

2013 January Exhibition New York Agora Gallery, Portals of Perception

2013 March Auction for cancer foundation Belgium, kom op tegen kanker.

2013 March Published in Fine art book INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Vol 7

2013 April Published in Art Book, ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE

2013 April Art Monaco 2013,  Art Fair Monaco. Solo booth

2013 April Art Auction & orginizer at Art Monaco. Works of Maes Auctioned for the cancer faundation

2013 May  Solo Exhibition at The Villa Oxygen (Richard Nilsson & Jackson foundation) Supper Cannes, Cannes Film festival. In presence of the Jackson family. (Joseph Jackson new owner of one of maes his works)

2013 May Art Venue We are the world, Exhibition and auction of 15 international artists, at The Villa Oxygen (Richard Nilsson & Jackson foundation) Supper Cannes, Cannes Film festival.

2013 June Published in the art book Important Artists in The World.

2014 February Venue Diamonds For Life, Auction, Group exhibition, galleries, artists and jewelry design. At the royal palace on the Meir and Napoleon Museum. Belgium

2014 February Solo Exhibition Royal palace on the Meir and Napoleon Museum. Antwerp, Belgium

2014 February Auction benefit cancer foundation Belgium Royal palace on the Meir. Antwerp, Belgium

2017 January Managing director at Posterus-Event bvba, Belgium

2017 March  Art Exhibit  & Auction Investment Event at Monaco

2018 January Creator and founder Posterus360 Virtual Venues

2018 September VIFAF Art Fair , Creator & founder of  Virtual International Fine Art Fair & Posterus360 Virtual Trade Fairs

2019 August Co-owner/ Managing director  of  World Of Crete IKE

2020  May-October  Villas Exhibitions Chania, Crete

2020 June-October Exhibition Nama Chania,Crete 

2020 September Private Villas Exhibition Chania, Crete

2021 May Awarded and given the offical nobility title "Count" Of Brasschaat

2021 May Select Art 2021

2021 June Owner & manager at Villa Moma, Art venues.

2021 June Offcial royal advisor of the Royal house of Mentenegro 

2021 June Exhibition Nama 

2021 July Collector Exhibition

2021 June-October Villas Exhibitions 2021

2021 September Night Of Contemporary

2021 October VIFAF '21 

2021 November Honorary Doctorate In Modern & Contemporary Arts.

Granted doctorate by the Orthodox University of Italy, Facoltà Universitaria Ortodossa San Gregorio Magno.

2021 December  VIFAF '21 v2 11th December-18th December

2022 January Fauna & Flora DreamScapes 6-28 January 2022

2022 February Select Art '22, 25-28th February 2022

2022 April VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair, 9-30 April 2022

2022 August VIFAF 30 August - 20 September 2022

2022 October  Night Of Contemporary, 1-4 October 2022

2022 November Selection comitee member and fair director Art & Antique Fair Select Art.

2023 March Co founder WOC Magazine (Art, Cutlure, Events, Architecure, Life style) 

2023 May Select Art '23 Art & Antique Fair, 27-29 May 2023

2023 May VIFAF 2023 v1

2023 August Jury member at Best Art Awards

2023 September  Night Of Contemporary, 23-26 September 2023

2024 February VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair, 1-21 February 2024

2024 April CD, Consul at the Consulate for Humanitarian & Culture NGO Crete

2024 May Select Art '24 Art & Antique Fair, 24-26 May 2024